The top-quality and comprehensive IB programme at the International School is designed to help students achieve their full potential, nourish their talents, and grow to be kind, empathetic and socially responsible people who strive towards advancement, success and the fulfilment of personal and collective goals.

What's the impact of International School's IB programme on students?

School is a place where children experience comprehensive development and set the foundation for their personalities. International School’s IB programme is designed to foster complete development of young people and prepare them for the role of future academics. Let’s take a look at the IB learner profile, i.e. what kind of learners the profile aims to develop.

  • INQUIRERS – people who ask questions in order to learn new things and question the validity of answers. The International School empowers students to be inquirers, enthusiastic researchers who are constantly motivated to learn and advance. 
  • KNOWLEDGEABLE – people with a high achievement motivation strive to be fully intellectually engaged, which is a value the International School wants to instil in its students. Given that they actively learnt in many interdisciplinary lessons and project activities, our students have develop a unique set of skills, reflective thinking and a critical approach to problems that occur both locally and globally.
  • THINKERS – thinking outside the box is a metaphor for critical and creative thinking, which we encourage and develop through creative teaching, analytical thinking and finding multiple solutions for problems. By creating reflective and creative thinkers, we prepare our students to become citizens of the world.
  • COMMUNICATORS – we communicate, fluently and with respect, in French, English, Spanish, German and Serbian. At the International School, we constantly enhance our language and communication skills, and aim to be active listeners. Communication is a two-way street and requires good speakers and good listeners. This is something we strive to improve in each lesson at our school.
  • PRINCIPLED – to be a student of the International School means to be driven by morality in one’s personal and academic life. By highlighting and implementing ethical principles in teaching, we develop in our students characteristics, such as dignity, integrity, honesty, a sense of justice and responsibility for ones actions. This is one of the most important effects of education and one of the primary tasks of schools as socially responsible institutions.
  • OPEN-MINDED – through discussions on global problems, our students are encouraged to respect other people’s nationality, culture, tradition, history, opinions and beliefs. The holistic approach implemented by our school allows students to be internationally minded, multicultural and open-minded.
  • CARING – one of the primary duties of schools and education programmes is to develop conscientious, empathetic and noble people whose actions will make our world a more just and humane place. By participating in charity events, our students show empathy and responsibility to those in need. Year after year, International School students are the pride of the entire community. 
  • RISK-TAKERS – in order to enter our growth zone, we need to exit our comfort zone. Encouraging and inspiring students to take risks in intellectual tasks and tests helps them become brave researchers who push boundaries, strive towards success and reject status quo.
  • BALANCED – International School students know that the road to success is not an easy one, which is why they have developed a balanced and healthy approach to the challenges and obstacles they encounter in life. They know that the prerequisite for wellbeing is balance between the physical, psychological and emotional aspects of our personality, as well as other factors that influence our daily lives. Hence, it is essential to keep one’s inner peace and stability, regardless of the external factors that can jeopardise our balance. 
  • REFLECTIVE – International School students are empowered to think critically about their aspirations, achievements and development, and manage their academic journey accordingly. Reflection about one’s thoughts and conclusions is imperative for people who want to pursue science, the arts, or any other area that requires generating ideas, and International School’s IB students are no exception.
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