Oftentimes, students’ success does not depend solely upon themselves, but upon teachers’ dedication, too. Bearing this in mind, when we were choosing teachers for International School, we picked only top experts, completely dedicated to work with students.

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Authority and friendship

Teachers were selected according to strict criteria, and their work is continually evaluated by the students. We insist upon the principle that a teacher must be both an authority figure and a friend. Our teachers are qualified to convey knowledge and keep coming up with new, unusual and interesting ways to do it in order for the students to really adopt said knowledge and be able to reproduce it and, ever more importantly, apply it in practice.

Their lessons are not based on ex-cathedra monologue notorious for the amount of attention students are willing to dedicate to it – which is to say, very little. They are interactive and allow for children’s active participation. Our teachers know how to recognise qualities and individual traits in all students, to help them express them in the best possible way, and motivate them to constantly advance themselves. Teachers at International School are highly motivated for work with children, so students and their parents can always count on smiles on their faces and patience in their approach.

The teaching is problem-based in order to allow for cross-curricular adoption of knowledge and develop critical thinking and research abilities in students. Among the advantages International School offers is use of e-diary for parents and students, which makes it easy to follow not only the results as such, but also the regularity of attendance, the level of engagement in class, and the general attitude towards work.

Student comes first

At our school, the student is always in focus. It is important to know that every teacher is available to students once the lessons are over and, thanks to the online communication system, ready to answer to all their questions and resolve any issues they may have at any time. With such relationship towards students, remedial lessons  are seldom required in the first place. However, should the student and the parents deem that they are indeed needed, we will organise them free of charge.

Mentorship is another advantage of International School, and it applies both to the students who experience difficulties keeping up with the teaching and to the extraordinarily gifted ones whose talents might feed on additional attention in order to fully develop.

Every day, the teachers exhibit their dedication through willingness to work with students individually outside of regular lessons, and help them overcome any problem quickly and easily. Thanks to this, the parents will no longer have to spend money on private tutorials, while the students will have their free time just for themselves – for sports, entertainment, reading…

Also, if they see that a student has shown extraordinary talent for certain subjects, mentors will dedicate time to helping the gifted student develop the talent and successfully participate in competitions from the given fields.

Continually keeping up with the students’ educational needs

Our teachers are qualified to recognise specificities and differences among students and respond to them in an appropriate way, supported by school psychologist and learning support specialist.

We hold that every child can achieve the goal which has been set, but we are also aware that each child is specific according to their individual educational needs and interests. It can be a case of special talents displayed by the students, or certain issues they may have faced in the course of mastering the curriculum – in any event, our teachers are capable of recognising it and working with the student one-on-one.

The school is obliged to inform and consult the parents in a timely manner, and involve them in deciding upon the exact way their child’s education should unfold.

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