ErasmusPT4ASDSchool stories

International School representatives, Ms Lora Mitić, Ms Dušanka Anđelović, and Mr Aleksandar Petrović, recently came back from the latest Erasmus+ project meeting held in Granada, Spain. The project, named “PT4ASD” (Physical Therapy as a tool for developing social-emotional, non-verbal communication, and relationship skills of youngsters with ASD), aimed at creating therapeutic games specifically designed for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). This meeting marked the fourth collaborative session following successful gatherings in Turkey, Ireland, and Denmark.

Practical application of inovative approaches

Unlike conventional training sessions, the primary focus of this meeting was not just exploring innovative approaches but rather the practical application of these approaches. The main goals included the creation of therapeutic games tailored for children with ASD, the development of a comprehensive handbook containing these games, and the establishment of a project website. Participants were thrilled to witness the unveiling of the project’s website for the first time, showing the collective effort put into this valuable resource.

This marks a crucial milestone in the project’s progression, as the practical tools for educators and parents are now ready for the next phase of implementation. The team looks forward to finalising the handbook, printing it out, and ultimately having all elements ready for comprehensive use in supporting individuals with ASD.

The picturesque city of Granada provided an inspiring backdrop for the training, fostering an environment conducive to creativity, collaboration, and effective learning. As the project moves forward, International School eagerly anticipates the next steps, maintaining its dedication to supporting the inclusive education community.