School stories

On Tuesday, 23 January, International School opened its doors to welcome enthusiastic fourth and fifth-grade students from Primary School Savremena for a day filled with interactive and educational workshops.

The students, accompanied by their teachers, were greeted by the School Principal, Tatjana Vilček, who provided an insightful introduction to the school’s ethos, the renowned Cambridge programme, and the advantages of acquiring a Cambridge diploma.

The students were introduced to the innovative approach of International School, which allows them to discover new ideas in a fun way

Following the warm welcome, the students attended workshops designed to blend learning with fun. The first workshop, led by the History teacher, delved into an engaging discussion on the great battles of the Second World War, providing students with an understanding of historical events.

The second workshop, “Maths can be fun”, showed various software solutions and games, illustrating the exciting and accessible side of mathematics. The students were captivated by the teacher’s innovative approach, proving that Mathematics can be both enjoyable and comprehensible.

The final workshop, “A bit of Art”, allowed the students to show their creative side. In preparation for Valentine’s Day, students crafted cards and drawings, unleashing their imagination and artistic talents.

What made this Open Day truly special was the atmosphere of fun in each workshop. Students not only learned valuable lessons but also experienced the thrill of discovering new ideas in a fun way. Hopefully, Primary School Savremena students could envision themselves as part of International School’s vibrant learning community.