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International School students had an unique opportunity to attend an online lecture called “Strategic Analysis of Apple Inc” held exclusively for them. The lecture was organised in cooperation with Singidunum University and the lecturer was the tremendous Dr Miloš Petković. 

Strategic AnalysisIt was explained to our students that companies must adapt to new circumstances in a very dynamic, competitive, and challenging global market. From the very beginning until now, Apple Inc. has been one of the most successful and leading companies, not only in its industry but in others as well. 

The participants discussed the internal and external factors that can potentially influence a company’s performance, how important it is to have a visionary leader, and how important it is to have the right strategy to achieve planned goals.

Dr Miloš Petković is an expert on international management who earned his doctoral degree at the Graduate School of Management of Nice, France, supported by the French and Serbian government as one of the most talented students. He also brings valuable experience from Sorbonne Business School and Singidunum University. 

Because of the second series of mock exams, not many students could join and contribute with their insightful observations. Nevertheless, this great and interesting lecture was highly useful to International School students.