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#CallToEarth Day, a CNN initiative dedicated to conservation, environmental protection and sustainability, was marked on 3 November, and environmentally conscious International School students were part of it. Call to Earth is CNN’s commitment to reporting on the environmental challenges facing our planet, together with the solutions.

Students cleaned 1.5 km of the River Danube bank

International School students were glad that they could contribute to protecting our environment and make a section of a public River Danube bank a better place. Together with their Chemistry teacher and the leader of the Eco-School club, Ms Marija Kovački, the students gathered and cleaned 1.5 km of the River Danube bank.

Pollution of waterways with plastic has become alarming: tonnes of plastic float in our rivers and threaten the survival of all marine life and, of course, humans, which is why our students got to work straight away. Even though the day was cold and foggy, some of them didn’t mind taking their shoes off and stepping into the water in order to take the waste out.

We are extremely grateful to our students for their commitment and for raising awareness of environmental issues and their importance!

So, tell us, what did you do lately to save our planet?