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Climate Innovation Hub is an organisation founded by professionals and enthusiasts in the fight against climate change. This hub partnered up with Junior Achievement Serbia, Science and Technology Park Niš and Connecting from Pančevo for the project Young Innovators Serbia, financially aided by Climate-KIC, Europe’s main initiative in the realm of climate change mitigation and carbon emission reduction.


Innovative solutions by our environmental protection team

Our students took part in Climathon, a two-day innovation-lead hackathon where the students’ task was to recognise the problems in their local communities and develop innovative solutions in response to various challenges, and present their solution to a jury of experts.

Our team of Year 11 students, comprising Mina Pavlović, Isidora Šušović, Teodora Beatović, Tara Cvetinović and Lana Lukić, was among the 20 selected teams from Serbia who got the chance to join Climathon and show their innovative solutions concerning the mitigation of the effects of climate change and the protection of the environment in general.

International School students’ ideas change the world for the better

International School students came up with activist organisation Volo-student, whose goal is to provide secondary school students from all over Belgrade with opportunities to volunteer at public and private organisations concerned with the preservation of the environment in the city.

This would be a unique volunteering campaign, as there is nothing like it in Serbia at this time. The project can provide a whole new experience for young people, with themselves in the main role, as the bearers of the change of the environmental situation in our country.

Our students’ project – Eco-school – received a lot of attention from Climathon’s organisers. It is high time we stopped waiting for someone else to save our planet. It is time for us to take the first step!

We are proud of you, girls!