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International School has proven itself many times to be an environmentally conscious and engaged school, determined to change its environment for the better together with its students, who volunteered countless times in various environmental and other important, socially conscious projects. Therefore, IS has once again actively involved itself to support the initiative aimed at bringing positive changes in society.

Students of International School supported initiative ”Call to Earth”

International School has partnered up with other schools, individuals and organizations around the world to raise environmental awareness and improve education that teaches people about environmental conservation. Students participated in the first day dedicated to this initiative, together with their Global Perspectives teacher.

What is ”Call to Earth”?

”Call to Earth” is an initiative dedicated to environmental preservation, protection and sustainability, launched by CNN in partnership with Rolex. This project has a noble goal – raising environmental awareness among people around the globe, doing nice things for our planet, preserving it, and making it even more beautiful through our actions. The initiators of the ”Call to Earth” project broadcast and share stories about our incredible planet and extraordinary people who protect it on social media, websites, and TV channels.

Our beautiful, but endangered planet needs more such initiatives and people who will promote a healthy attitude toward nature, point out the consequences of negative individual actions, and inspire all of us to take an active part in positive changes.

Starting a movement for everyone’s benefit

Students of International School decided to do something positive to protect the environment. They organized a round table, discussing the issue of pollution in Serbia and Europe. They also touched upon this major challenge our planet is faced with. Students demonstrated creativity and clear-sightedness, doing their best to make this event as effective as possible.

By participating in this initiative, they wanted to point out to the burning issue of air pollution in our country, but also to the issues of destruction of ecosystems, marine pollution, and climate change. Although we all know that change must occur at every level of society, each of us can play a role in it by driving positive change in our own surroundings.