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Although the festivities and the celebration of Halloween are behind us, we are very proud to announce that there is a real Pirate among the students of the International School!

Full scholarship of a prestigious university for incredible Lara

No, we’re not kidding! Thanks to her extraordinary results in golf and excellent academic success, International School student Lara Todorović became a Pirate, as students of the prestigious Seton Hall University in the United States are traditionally called!

Full scholarship of a prestigious university for incredible Lara

The Year 13 student of the International School has already signed a contract and become a Seton Hall student. Lara will attend the College of Arts and Sciences, with a major in maths. Moreover, her results enabled our Lara to have a full scholarship, and she will have the opportunity to show off her golf skills by wearing university colours, an achievement of which we are immensely proud.

At the International School, Lara had many academic and sporting accomplishments; she was an exemplary student whose results made us proud, and the school supported her and encouraged her to excel and always do her best.

Therefore, we are proud and pleased to announce Lara’s latest achievement – enrolment at one of the best universities in the US. This is a ticket for her academic journey after graduating from the International School, a school whose standards and quality prepared Lara for all future academic challenges.

Dear Lara, congratulations! We wish you all the best at university!