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You already know how innovative and creative business lessons at the International School are, and that’s why the students love them.

A creative, interesting and useful business lesson at the International School

But did you know that International School students had one such lesson again, which the teacher had problems terminating, as the students wanted it to last longer. Students asking for longer lessons because they are so interesting? Only at the International School!

Project management for developing organisational skills and competences

At the International School, teachers strive to teach soft skills, which will enable students to excel in their academic and professional careers, and in life in general.

With this in mind, the Business teacher made sure that by learning about project management, students develop numerous skills, such as organisation, efficient time and resource management, teamwork, evaluation and self-evaluation, setting goals and meeting deadlines.

Project management is a broadly applicable skill as it synthesises all of the above. This is why a Business lesson in which students develop these skills is more than useful, especially when the teacher makes the lesson as interesting and creative as possible.

The best way to learn is to make learning interesting

Year 13 students learnt about project management using visual tools. Thanks to Business lessons, they managed to create a diagram that represents a critical path method (CPM) for identifying tasks for project completion, as well as for scheduling of various project activities.

By moving through the diagram presented by the students in the classroom, our project managers renewed their knowledge of project management, prepared for the upcoming exams, but also showed once again how a business lesson at International School can engage students and be inspiring.