School stories

Last Friday, International School students gathered for a Global Study workshop that was held on the school premises. The workshop came in very handy for the students that haven’t decided yet which university to choose.


Global study workshop

The doors to the world’s best universities are open for International School students

The students had the opportunity to become acquainted with available options based on the programmes and country of their choice. They learnt everything about the application procedure, the required documentation, the entry process, and the exams they need to take, as well as how the visa process and finding accommodation work.

Informed and fully prepared for international studies

This was the first of many workshops that are going to be held this November for International School students only. Every Wednesday and Friday until the end of the month the students will have the chance to participate in educational presentations and workshops.

They will be introduced to the best business and hospitality studies abroad, what to expect if studying abroad – they will learn more about the deadlines, scholarships, educational systems and job opportunities after studying abroad.

Those students interested in psychology will get a guide for the best-ranked university options, and all the relevant information for the application process and required documentation. In addition, they will learn how to write a motivational letter.

Given that the workshops address their future academic options, we are sure the students will not miss out on these opportunities.