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This edition of Parents Teach This Week introduced us to Lana’s mum, Mirjana Gomilanović, who has vast experience in HR, communication, and coaching. The students and the teachers had the opportunity to take part in a workshop on communication led by a top expert, leadership coach, and certified speaker.

Parents teach this week

How to become a great communicator?

Mirjana Gomilanović, a professional certified coach and speaker in the field of leader development and organizational growth, kept the students’ attention by stressing out the most important aspects of good communication and verbal interaction.

The students and teachers participated in the discussion giving some examples from their lives, moments when they were having issues in communication with people. They learnt that emotional intelligence plays a big role in the way we communicate, and got some tips and tricks on how to become great communicators.

“If you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all.” - Margaret Atwood

The way we communicate speaks volumes about us; and it’s not just about the words we use to express our thoughts, but also the emotional tone we convey.

Therefore, we should pay attention to the way we communicate and realise how important it is for people to interact with kindness, politeness, and clarity.

Every day we become better than we were yesterday

The students found the lecture very useful – they understood that their everyday life consists of different situations in which they meet different people who are having their own issues and they need to focus on themselves, their own strengths, and knowledge to skip conflicts and to communicate in a decent manner.

Parents Teach This Week is a project that aims to encourage students to think not just about their professional orientation and future career, but also about themselves, their actions, relationships with themselves and others, and the ways they can become better than they were yesterday.

We cannot wait to meet yet another great professional and great personality, and to hear about their experience and career path.