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International School, together with its students, strives to make its surroundings a better place. Through educational activities, International School students are encouraged to be involved in the preservation and development of our natural environment.

As an eco-school, International School provides its students with the necessary insight into the reasons why environmental protection is important, now more so than ever. By implementing existing techniques, tweaking them and seeking out new and better solutions and innovative approaches, students are encouraged to do what they can for our planet by taking part in simple yet significant efforts to preserve our natural resources.

Our efforts to contribute to raising environmental awareness among students are recognised

After many years of raising awareness about climate change, flora and fauna conservation, the efficient use of energy, the consequences of throwing waste and the importance of recycling, clean water as a natural resource, as well as the global consequences of individual actions, we are proud to announce that International School received a certificate that confirms its international eco-school status and a green flag as a reminder that all of our efforts are recognised.

We would like to congratulate teacher Marija Kovački and her eco-coordinators, Aleksandra Ivanović and Lana Lukić, for continuously raising awareness of the importance of taking care of our environment.

It feels good going green, isn’t it?