School stories

We’ve had the first interdisciplinary lesson in this school year and we can’t wait for the next one! On Monday, 20 September, Year 10 students attended an interdisciplinary Biology and Chemistry lesson which we are sure they thoroughly enjoyed.

Interdisciplinary Biology and Chemistry lesson at the International School

Although the lesson was initially planned to be held outside, the weather had other plans. So, Biology teacher Nadežda Golubović had to embark on an unusual plant hunt in Vračar. After collecting the required plants, the teacher gathered the students in the school canteen and organised them in seven groups.

How do we learn at the International School? Through experience, collaboration and, most of all, creativity

The students’ task was to name and classify ten plant samples. They had to do a biological sketch of the samples and find the plants in a book to see how to classify them. Biology students explained the classification process to the chemistry students so that they could create a new system using their chemistry skills. The students collaborated and helped each other in naming the samples. After the practical part of the lesson, the students had to use the sketches and the things they learnt in the lesson in another task.

The interdisciplinary Biology and Chemistry lesson at the International School is one of the most reliable ways for the students to truly gain skills in the field in question.


Because at the International School, we care about student motivation and strive to make learning interesting, interactive, and creative. Moreover, we are pleased that they had the chance to learn from each other, which is something we constantly encourage at the International School!