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After participating in the Erasmus project “Girls Go Circular”, the International School once again justifies its success! This time, we are empowering our teachers to go above and beyond and create new teaching strategies using technology.

The International School will participate in an Erasmus+ project “EngLife” alongside renowned educational organisations from Poland, Ireland, Italy, Greece, Turkey and Estonia.  

A focus on teachers’ competences is important

The project “EngLife” will focus on increasing the professional capacity of English language teachers all around the world to teach in secondary schools with the use of educational technology. 

Erasmus +Knowing that our dedicated teachers already use state-of-the-art technology and creative teaching methodologies with ease, implementing new innovative approaches to language teaching will contribute to a deeper understanding of teaching and learning processes when using technology. 

The International School will host the first official meeting with the partners in Belgrade, Serbia, in September 2021. 

We are sure that this strategic partnership will be a base for more projects on teaching and learning in intercultural classrooms of the future.