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International School students and students from Savremena Gimnazija participate in a joint eTwinning project together with their peers from Serbia and Croatia. The project, aimed at developing entrepreneurial competencies, brings together sixteen teachers and 59 students from different cities.

Entrepreneurship for Life engages students who work in teams to come up with a business idea and create a business plan. The International School team – Isidora Šušović, Mina Pavlović, Sergije Stojanović Louis, Sara Novakovic, Zoi Tsimerli, Mia Van Doren and Mihailo Jovanović – has been tasked with presenting their business idea by the end of March, when the best business plan will be chosen.

The students mentored by Ms Marija Milić, their Economics teacher, created a logo and a project poster. Other elements of the business plan are yet to be created using various digital applications and online platforms. This will definitely help them get a clear picture of the business as a whole, prioritise their goals, develop a strategic focus for the business and make corrections to prevent a plan from flopping. Stay tuned.