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A conference “Teaching English for the Future: How to Teach English to Teens with the Use of Digital Tools” was held in Warsaw, which marked the end of the Erasmus+ “EngLife” project. The tools for improving the competencies of English language teachers were presented at the conference to many interested teachers from Poland.

“Superteachers from the Future are among us”

Mr Milić Vukojičić, a Computer Science teacher, explained how to assess the professional competencies of language teachers through his “Superteachers from the Future are among us” presentation. Mr Milić’s interactive presentation drew a lot of attention since all the participants were focused on enhancing their teaching and learning experiences.

Acquiring new knowledge and to try it in practice through a creative workshop

Attendees learned more about the research itself, the “EngLife” methodology, digital tools, a self-assessment tool for English language teachers and a proposal for an approach to using technology in teaching. Thanks to the interesting lectures, they had the opportunity to acquire new knowledge and to try it in practice through a creative workshop designed for teachers.

Improving professional competencies and empowering teachers in using state-of-the-art technology

The “EngLife” project helped improve English language teachers’ professional competencies and empowered teachers in using state-of-the-art technology, namely resources that students know about and find interesting. Teachers are encouraged to share the knowledge they acquired in this project with their colleagues, thus creating a community of competent teachers united by a common goal – to make classes as rich in content, interactive and purposeful as possible.