ErasmusMICR@SSchool stories

We are happy to announce that the first conference aimed at facilitating the successful implementation of MICR@S learning snacks by educating trainers was held from 23 to 25 October 2023 in beautiful Aveiro, Portugal!

LINKgroup, represented by the International School, as an active participant and partner for the project MICR@S has opened the Train the Trainers MICR@S camp. Its goal was to show how the learning snacks for implementing entrepreneurship as a skill will be integrated into the curricula of the partners’ schools, as well as into the online game for learning about entrepreneurship.

One of the key elements of the LTTA meeting was to share methodological approaches with other partners and discuss the possibilities of implementing each learning snack into the online game platform in the native languages of the partners.

On the LTTA, after presenting lessons “How to be successful entrepreneurs” and “New trends in Marketing” and introducing other partners who presented their snacks, discussions took place on how we can integrate some of the learning snacks together and adjust the order of the lessons to better work as a wholesome learning material for the end users.

We are looking forward to seeing this project implemented in our classrooms!