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The International School is this year’s Gold Globee® Winner in the Education Hero of the Year category, awarded for extraordinary results in maintaining the highest standards when it comes to teaching and implementing educational technology during the pandemic.

International recognition for excellence

International recognition for excellence

The Globee® Awards are awarded every year for results and achievements made in various fields. Numerous organisations, companies, and schools around the world compete in as many as 11 categories, and the lucky winners receive a trophy, plaque, and medal designed in the US. The winner receives the Gold Globee® award, while second and third place winners receive the silver and bronze award respectively. 

In other words: the Globee® Awards are a prestigious international prize given to organisations and teams around the world for excellence shown in their fields.

International School won the “golden globe” in the Education Hero of the Year category. The international panel of judges comprising leaders in education and business stated that the International School:

  • Worked flawlessly during the pandemic
  • Provided students with safe and top-quality lessons in extraordinary circumstances
  • Made sure the switch to online learning via the DL Platform was simple and stress-free,
  • Gave full support to students and teachers, owing to which the circumstances didn’t have a negative impact on their results.

In a tough competition of schools and educational institutions from around the world, the International School was this year’s Gold Globee® Winner due to the high level of responsibility, support, and technical expertise shown during the pandemic, which enabled students to be among the few to have access to top-quality education during these challenging times.

Educational heroes at the international level

The uncompromising dedication of the International School teaching and non-teaching staff and the school’s state-of-the-art teaching and learning environment have been recognised globally. The mission and vision that have guided our school for years have enabled us to be on par with the world’s best schools when it comes to education quality. The Globee® Award is yet another confirmation of this achievement.

As a Gold Globee® Winner in the Education Hero of the Year category, the International School has been placed among elite global secondary schools by a renowned international jury.

Thanks to the unique DL Platform, our students and teachers were fully prepared for online lessons, and the mutual support and our readiness to do everything to maintain the highest level of instruction have helped all participants to complete their obligations in a safe and inspiring atmosphere.

The International School continues to raise the bar in international secondary education.