ErasmusTeach the Future

From 7 to 10 November 2023, Athens hosted a teacher training (LTT) as part of the Erasmus+ project “Teach the Future“, conducted by International School. Educators from partner countries gathered at Doukas School to exchange knowledge and skills necessary for the effective integration of climate change topics into secondary education.

This four-day training brought together experts from Belgium, Italy, Serbia, Greece, Spain and Cyprus, aiming to create a common approach to climate change education. The programme was filled with diverse activities, including interactive workshops, discussions and practical sessions for lesson creation.

Importance of international cooperation in education and collaborative work on solving global challenges

The first day of training was dedicated to familiarising participants with the “Teaching the Future” project, “Education for Climate” initiatives and setting training goals. Participants also had the opportunity to get acquainted with ArcGI Storymaps, ArcGIS Survey 123 and other digital tools crucial for understanding and presenting climate data.

In the following days, the focus was on the modules developed during the project, which included the use of tools and resources in data management (Module 4) and methodology and the power of learning (Module 2), where educators developed and evaluated lessons. Discussions were aimed at module evaluation and experience exchange, contributing to a deeper understanding of how technology can enhance climate change education.

The third day was dedicated to further development of lessons and materials, as well as reflection on the training.
Module 1 – Climate and Facing Challenges, where the authors were International School teachers and Module 3 – Implementation of Local Actions.

Participants had the chance to visit Doukas School and exchange their views on the training.

The final day was devoted to the presentations of developed lessons, where educators had the opportunity to demonstrate how they plan to apply the acquired knowledge. The training was concluded with a lunch, where participants summarised impressions and discussed the next steps.

The LTT training in Athens was an exceptional opportunity for teachers to connect, exchange ideas and adopt new approaches that will enrich climate change education in their schools.

This event once again confirmed the importance of international cooperation in education and collaborative work on solving global challenges.