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With a blend of spooky movie entertainment and a heartwarming charity sale, the Student Council and Lower Secondary students marked Halloween.

The Student Council organised the screening of the spooky movie for Lower Secondary students, offering them a time of suspense and entertainment, bringing everyone together for a memorable Halloween experience.

The Student Council went above and beyond by hosting a two-day charity

But the spirit of Halloween at our school didn’t end with the movie night. The Student Council went above and beyond by hosting a two-day charity sale on 26 and 27 October in the school restaurant. The sale featured an assortment of goodies, including small, medium and large bags of specially curated treats, as well as printed Halloween stories to captivate the imagination of the attendees. Elena Voronova, a Year 9 student, made sure to bring a spooky spirit to the school since she prepared most of the decorations.

The creative sale didn’t just offer the typical sweet treats; it also included an innovative way to contribute to a worthy cause. For instance, the price of one small pack of treats was set at one SMS (text message), demonstrating an innovative approach to fundraising. All the proceeds from the SMS purchases were dedicated to the “Budi human” organisation, with the funds directed to this noble cause via a simple text message.

The Student Council’s initiative provided the students to enjoy the holiday while fostering a sense of social responsibility and empathy. The event brought the importance of helping others in times of celebration. It was a unique and charitable way to mark the season, showing the altruistic spirit that embodies our school community.