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Competing in the synchronised ice skating category for cadet girls, Petra and her team secured the top position, claiming first place at the “Belgrade Trophy” competition.

Skating her way through the routines with precision, elegance and seamless coordination, Petra showed the result of hard work, discipline and a true love for the sport. Her contribution to the team’s success was invaluable, demonstrating not only her talent but also her ability to perform under pressure in a competitive environment.

We are incredibly proud of Petra’s success

Petra’s accomplishment serves as an inspiration to her peers, emphasising the importance of perseverance, dedication and teamwork. It underscores the significance of balancing academics and extracurricular activities, showing how commitment to passions beyond the classroom can lead to outstanding success.

We are incredibly proud of Petra’s success and look forward to supporting her future endeavours in both academics and her pursuits in the world of sports.

Congratulations, Petra, on your remarkable achievement!