School stories

Year 12 and Year 13 students that attend Digital Media and Design had the unique opportunity to explore the works of Mića Popović, a celebrated Serbian painter, at the exhibition “Mića Popović – Slikarstvo permanentne pobune” held at SASA Gallery. The goal of the exhibition that the students visited with their teacher Lora Mitić was to delve into the extensive repertoire of this prominent artist and gain insights into various artistic movements.

Mića Popović stands as one of the most renowned and significant painters, whose work serves as an ideal source for acquiring fundamental knowledge about the diverse movements in modern art, both locally and globally. Spanning from early modernism to high modernism, abstract art, and even postmodernism, his paintings offer a comprehensive view of the evolution of artistic styles.

Visit offered students a practical understanding of how to perceive and analyse artworks

The students explored a variety of artistic genres within Mića Popović’s collection, including portraits, still life and figurative compositions. This diverse range allowed them to grasp the significance and place of different genres in the realm of art, providing an invaluable learning experience for their academic pursuits in art and design.

Crucially, this exhibition served as a vital resource for AS and A-level students aiming to master the research aspect in their works. It showed how artistic work can be critically analysed and used as a rich source for understanding an artist’s work. After visiting the exhibition, the students were tasked with composing reflective pieces and sharing their impressions and interpretations of the exhibition.

This visit offered students a practical understanding of how to perceive and analyse artworks, essential for their academic and creative development in the field of digital media and design.