School stories

Innovation in Action: Creating the Future through Technological Ideas

The exciting theme of Technology in English classes inspired Year 7 students to showcase their creativity by devising new inventions and presenting them to their classmates. Girls stood out with their clever solutions to assist in selecting fashion and clothing combinations, while boys came up with fresh ideas in the field of transportation.

EcoGlide, Plane Capsule, Fashion Fusion, and McLean: Breath-taking Inventions

Among the inventions presented by students were EcoGlide – an environmentally friendly transportation system, Plane Capsule – an innovative concept of air travel, Fashion Fusion – a smart device for creating perfect fashion combinations, and McLean – the revolutionary car of the future.

This creative activity was not only fun but also encouraged teamwork, critical thinking, and presentation skills among students, while simultaneously emphasizing the importance of technology in our everyday lives. Situated somewhere between science fiction and reality, these inventions showed that the limits of possibility are only the boundaries of our imagination!