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Outstanding results in three categories

International School has a reason to be proud after our talented figure skater Petra Janev, along with her team, achieved outstanding results at the Spring Synchro Cup held on April 19, 2024, at the Pionir Hall in Belgrade. Participating in three categories, Petra and her team brought home two gold medals and one silver, confirming their excellence in synchronized skating.

In the Cadet A category, our young figure skaters were unstoppable, winning first place and demonstrating exceptional skills and coordination that are the result of painstaking training and dedication. This success is particularly significant because it confirms the quality of our program for young athletes and the expertise of our coaches is another proof of their versatility and ability to compete with strong competition.

Winning silver and another gold

In the Junior category, the team won a silver medal, which is yet another proof of their versatility and ability to stand their ground in the face of strong competition. The battle for the first place was intense, and our girls showed great heart and sportsmanship.

Finally, in the Mixed Age category, Petra and the team once again stood on the highest step of the podium. This success is further sweetened because it demonstrates the ability of our athletes to adapt and perform excellently in different age groups, which is a key element in synchronized skating.

These outstanding results at the Spring Synchro Cup are not just victories at the competition but also a confirmation that International School is a place where young talents can develop in a positive and encouraging environment. We want to congratulate Petra, her teammates, and coaches on their outstanding success and look forward to future competitions, where our students will undoubtedly continue to make us proud.