School stories

International School had the privilege of hosting representatives from the University of Nova Gorica, who provided insights into studying in Slovenia. Veronika Piccinini, a lecturer of the English Language, along with Marina Artino, secretary of the School of Environmental Sciences and the School of Viticulture and Enology, and Marina Đorđević, a master’s student of Engineering and Management, shared their invaluable experiences with our students

During the session, our students were highly engaged, posing numerous questions. The representatives elaborated on various aspects of student life in Slovenia, including the location of faculties, daily activities, internships, as well as the diverse range of programs and courses available. With patience and attention to detail, the representatives painted a vivid picture of the academic landscape in Slovenia, enriching the experience for our students.

The visit proved to be both informative and inspiring, allowing our students to gain a deeper understanding of the opportunities available for higher education abroad. We extend our gratitude to the representatives from the University of Nova Gorica for their insightful presentation and look forward to further collaborations in the future.