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International School students recently showcased their financial skills at the prestigious Wharton Investment Competition. This global event challenges participants to tackle real-world case studies, teaching them the intricacies of stock trading and how to assess the best long-term and short-term investment opportunities for their hypothetical clients. Over the course of two months, participating students delved into the trading process, risk assessment, and financial statement analysis.

Two teams successfully completing reports and earning valuable certificates

Six teams from International School entered the competition, with two teams successfully completing reports and earning valuable certificates. Among the recognized teams were “Truly different,” led by Eo Stojadinovic (team members: Miša Vulić, Lola Gaković, Kalina Petrova, Elena Pavlov, Kemal Efe Yilmaz, Lara Radivojević), and “The Salesman,” led by Mateja Baketaric (team members: Bojan Nešić, Luka Markićević, Sava Radibratović). Both teams exhibited exceptional teamwork and strategic acumen throughout the competition.

During the competition, teams were tasked with crafting investment strategies for their assigned clients. They analyzed various industries, conducted investment evaluations using available stock trading simulation applications, and made investment decisions based on their findings. Their thorough analysis culminated in detailed periodic and final reports, showcasing their commitment to excellence.

Invaluable insights into the stock market, trading practices, and teamwork dynamics

Participation in the Wharton Investment Competition provided International School students with invaluable insights into the stock market, trading practices, and teamwork dynamics. Additionally, the experience has fueled their motivation to continue competing in similar events in the future.

The Wharton Global High School Investment Competition serves as a platform for high school students to gain practical experience in investment strategies, fostering skills in teamwork, communication, risk assessment, and industry analysis. Through this engaging simulation, participants acquire essential knowledge that prepares them for future endeavors in the world of finance.