School stories

Year 12 and Year 13 students recently had the privilege of attending an engaging guest lecture featuring Professor Ana Jovancai Stakić, Head of International Relations, and Miloš Petković, Assistant Professor and Lecturer at the University of Singidunum.

The first part of the lecture focused on introducing the university and its accredited programs conducted in English. Professor Ana Jovancai Stakić provided valuable information about what the university has to offer and the opportunities available for students.

In the second part, the lecturers conducted a case study centered around Starbucks and its business operations in India. The students actively participated, showcasing their curiosity and enthusiasm by posing numerous questions related to the presented programs. The resolution of the case study proved to be both inspirational and intriguing for the students.

The presentation concluded with a dynamic Q&A session, allowing students to delve deeper into the topics covered and engage in critical thinking based on the presented case. This guest lecture, seamlessly blending a university presentation with a real-world case study, is a part of our ongoing commitment to preparing students for the dynamic landscape of global business.