Erasmus+ is a renowned international EU programme for education, training, youth mobility, and cooperation with institutions and organisations in the field of youth education and sports.

Erasmus +

Erasmus+ provides students, teachers and people around Europe with an opportunity to study, attend training programmes, participate in international projects, volunteer or find employment abroad. The goal of the Erasmus+ programme is to enhance and support the development of education and training, strengthen the link between formal and non-formal education and learning, and improve the cooperation between education and the labour market.

The International School takes part in an international Erasmus+ project

Project: Strengthening Teachers’ Digital Readiness for a Lifetime English Language Education

The goal of the project is to use educational technology in an innovative manner in order to increase the professional capacities of 18 English teachers who teach students aged 14–17.

The project is designed to provide teachers with important skills and knowledge which they will transfer to other teachers so they, too, can implement innovative approaches to language teaching, i.e. the EngLife methodology that is the base of this project.

The project will allow International School teachers to significantly expand their competences related to teaching English and using educational technology in the classroom, and they will, in turn, selflessly share their newly acquired skills with their colleagues, all of which will make for better lessons. Learn more about the project.

Erasmus + project

Project coordinator:

1. LUMINAR Foundation


  1. Atlantic Language (Ireland), language school (ATLANTIC LANGUAGE)
  2. Istituto Tecnico Tecnologico G. Malafarina (Italy), secondary school (ITT MALAFARINA)
  3. LO Dubiecko (Poland), secondary school (LO DUBIECKO)
  4. CLV Liceum Ogolnoksztalcace z Oddzialami Dwujezycznymi im. Bohaterek Pow stania Warszawskiego (Poland), secondary school (LO TWARDA)
  5. International School (Serbia), secondary school (ISS)
  6. Platon m.e.p.e (Greece), secondary school (PLATON)
  7. Bursa MEM (Turkey), government body (BURSA MEM)
  8. Nordic Edtech Forum N8 MTÜ (Estonia), education technology organisation (N8)

International School in an Erasmus+ project – empowering technology-based language learning for the classrooms of the future

After participating in the Erasmus project “Girls Go Circular”, the International School once again justifies its success! This time, we are empowering our teachers to go above and beyond and create new teaching strategies using technology.

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