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On Friday, 23 April, the International School proudly organised Meet AlumnIS and welcomed some of the most promising former students who are studying at prestigious universities around the world.

The alumni visited the International School and gave brief presentations on their universities and experiences of how the International School helped them on their journey. Year 12 students had the privilege to connect with IS alumni and benefit from their experiences and advice.

Meet AlumnIS

Enrolment requirements presentation held by school counsellor

Before our alumni came, the students from year 12 attended a presentation organised by our school counsellor, Mr. Aleksandar Petrović, on academic requirements at different universities, given that they vary depending on the country, programme and university. Our students can always count on help from the International School regarding their university applications and documentation.

Zorana Živanović“This year we decided for the very first time to invite our alumni to share their experiences with current students, and we sincerely hope this will become a wonderful tradition”, said International School Principal, Zorana Živanović.


Precious experiences shared by the alumni

From students who chose to enroll into universities in Great Britain, Greece, the Czech Republic, Switzerland, Serbia and other countries that are global leaders in education, Year 12 students listened to first-hand experience regarding studying in Serbia and abroad, but also about life in the cities and countries our alumni have chosen. 

“We got first-hand information and learnt some things that cannot be found in textbooks”, said student Maša Mitić, while her schoolmate, Dunja Ivanović, underlined that Meet AlumnIS will help her choose the right university.

Apart from many university-related information, the IS alumni highlighted how internship options are important when applying. The International School greatly helped them enrol at their universities of choice, while the Cambridge programmes helped them accomplish their university tasks with ease. 

“I think it’s very important for current International School students to hear what we have gone through, that we were in the same position that they are in, and that we could maybe share some of our experiences and possibly guide them if they need any help”, said Darija Vuković, International School alumna.

We would like to thank each and every one of our hardworking and successful former students who started something we all hope will become tradition. Special thanks to Milana Stanković who joined online and presented her experience from Belgian State University’s business and administration department.