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On Wednesday, 21 April 2021, International School students met with Aleksa and Filip, Faculty of Economics students who gave them insight and first-hand information on studying at said faculty. They also presented the Faculty of Economics international programme in cooperation with London School of Economics.

Possible future careers options 

Aleksa and Filip, senior students of the Faculty of Economics and London School of Economics, presented the programmes of both faculties and the opportunities they provide from their student perspective. Aside from internships and employment opportunities, our students learnt that they can obtain a dual diploma, one that is recognised both in our country and in the world. 

Faculty of Economics

As investing in knowledge is the most significant investment, International School students were provided with important information on how they can be educated in our country, according to the highest standards of education. With their fantastic programmes, scholarship offers, internship and academic mobility London School of Economics is widely recognised. 

The students found this presentation quite useful 

“Today I have heard a lot about the LSE programme offered by the Faculty of Economics. The amount of information that the presenters conveyed to us is large, but very useful and clearly outlined to us students in a highly interesting and entertaining manner. The two students have not only given an amazing lecture, but encouraged us to think more about our future and put the LSE programme as a potential option that is very beneficial and that opens up wide aspects of opportunities. It is wonderful to see young, ambitious and smart people who want to make a big impact on our economy and make changes which will lead to huge success. The impression they left on me is strong, and the view I have upon the LSE is clear and wide, where all the questions and doubts I had are now resolved. Once again thank you for an amazing presentation and opportunity.” – said Year 11 student Teodora Obradović.