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Last week, the International School and Art and Design teacher Nevena Nikolić organised a visit to galleries for Year 12 and Year 13 students.


Our students visited the following exhibitions: Transmutation by Nikola Mihajlović Kori at the Balkan Cinema; Those Wonderful Creatures by Petar Mosić at Lucida Gallery; One Minute Design by Dubravka Đurić at the ULUPUDS small gallery; exhibition by students of the Faculty of Applied Arts at Kalemegdan, and Lost Architecture by Stefan Petronijević at Belgrade City Library. 

Visits to art galleries inspire student creativity

International School students got to experience art outside of their computer screens and learn more about painting textures, canvas sizes and other things that can’t be experienced by visiting a gallery online. Art gallery visits can be highly beneficial for the students’ personal development in all areas of life, and can increase understanding and the development of emotional intelligence. 

The exhibitions visited by International School students included many exhibits that will expand their horizons. These visits are an important part of Art and Design. Every day, we strive to encourage our students and provide them with creative knowledge in all the fields they are interested in.