School stories

The new school year at International School kicked off with a burst of enthusiasm as students embarked on another unique learning adventure.

The school’s cherished tradition of “Classroom without Walls” once again proved to be an unforgettable experience for both students and teachers.

During the first week of school, students had the opportunity to break free from traditional classroom settings and explore various activities specially prepared by their teachers.

Lower Secondary students jumped into the fascinating world of art and creativity at the Selfie Museum. With vibrant backdrops and interactive exhibits, they captured moments of artistic expression while learning about the importance of creativity in education.

Year 10 students embraced the beauty of nature and the great outdoors during their adventure at Hajd Park. They discovered the wonders of the natural world, fostering an appreciation for the environment.

A cultural and historical journey awaited Year 11 students who visited Zemun. Collecting clues, they delved into the rich heritage of this charming town, gaining insights into its history and cultural diversity.

Hiking on Košutnjak was organised for the oldest students – Year 13 students. Together with their class teacher, they talked about the importance of a healthy lifestyle.


The exciting week culminated with a fun-filled Sports Day at Ada. Students enjoyed friendly competition, reinforcing the importance of physical fitness and sportsmanship.

As the first week of school drew to a close, students returned to their classrooms carrying a feeling of excitement that will undoubtedly stay with them throughout the school year.