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September is definitely a month of new beginnings. At International School, September is a month of truly different beginnings. For the first time, the International School welcomed Lower Secondary students from Years 7, 8, and 9.

We know that first impressions matter, especially on the first day of school. Students arrive with a mix of emotions. Most, however, are nervous, but all teachers ensured their welcoming was warm and friendly. 


Making the best memories

International School welcomed its students with plenty of creative and interesting content, and the now traditional Classroom without walls helped the students bond and make friends, and together with their teachers, they had a lot of fun through play and recreational activities. 

Lower secondary students had an opportunity to explore the world of illusions and experience the impossible. At the Museum of illusions, they learned a lot about optical tricks but they also needed to wrap all their impressions into presentations. 

The same week, they were given the opportunity to think about their future through the Time capsule activity by answering various interesting questions. But since we try to create content that suits everyone, there was something for all those science lovers – The chemistry teacher prepared experiments that everyone enjoyed. 

Apart from participating in the Time capsule activity, Year 10, and later accompanied by Year 12 students, had a real mental and physical workout – they embarked on an adventure in Hyde Park during which the students used maps to solve tricky problems. 

Some had the pleasure of spending a relaxing day at school. Year 13 students had this privilege, and they had a mindfulness class with their class teacher. 
The best school year so far has officially begun! Let it be successful, fun, and memorable!