School stories

On Thursday, June 16, we said goodbye to the sixth generation of International School graduates – Class 2022.

Class 2022 celebrated a successful ending at the International School

The graduates celebrated the success they achieved at the Radisson Collection Hotel with their parents, teachers, principal and school coordinators, and the end of one stage in their lives that will surely remain in their fond memories.

Each of them evaluates the experiences and memories they bring from the International School as unforgettable, the knowledge they acquired as fully applicable and useful, and the lessons learned during school, not only those from school subjects but also life lessons about themselves and the world around them, they describe as true value.

Fantastic success of all students and awards for the best

Teachers have tried to get the best out of every student and we are proud to have succeeded – this generation has really excelled when it comes to academic achievement and the opportunities they have been given to study abroad.

Awards and commendations for the best students

Lara Todorović was praised for the incredible academic and sports results achieved during the years at international competitions, as well as at the Cambridge exams, while the Best Student Award went to Iva Živaljević.

In addition to exceptional academic results, Iva Živaljević achieved notable success in the simulations of the United Nations sessions, Model United Nations. She distinguished herself with her humanitarian work and organization of extracurricular activities, both at school and outside. As the leader of the school club ISMUN, Iva has shown exemplary behavior and success in the International School to the younger generations.

Principal of the International School, Zorana Živanović, is extremely proud of each student

Principal of the International School, Zorana Živanović, who has seen off her second generation, states that she is extremely proud of each student: “In each generation you can, in a way, notice whether it is a generation of athletes, scientists or artists – nonetheless, this is a generation in which each student is an individual for himself, with incredible talents and affinities. I am proud of their individuality and maturity. ” She adds that only the nuances decided who was the best among them, because all the students had great academic and extracurricular results.

Various opportunities are waiting for these smart young people to show their knowledge, skills and talents, and the International School will always be there to support them in their further development and academic ambitions.

Dear graduates, congratulations on what you have achieved and on what you have become, we are really proud of you!