School stories

Thanks to the mentorship of Ms Anđela Veljković and Mr Marko Cvijanović, International School students Aleksandra Ivanović and Tara Cvetinović started their internship journey in LINK group’s marketing sector!

We all know about social networks, advertising, promo emails and marketing strategies, but do we really know how to use all these things in business? Entrepreneurship is not only about finance, investments – it is about marketing, too. Aleksandra and Tara got valuable insight into business operations in marketing – how to decide on a font in ads, how to choose the best location for billboards, how to use innovative software for marketing activities and promotional notifications…

We have to admit – as students who attend business lessons at International School, our creative girls had a head start, but they got a valuable opportunity to apply their theoretical knowledge in practice.

LINK Internship for International School programme has been vastly praised, especially because internship plays an important role in the service industry all around the world. Every university these girls apply to will surely acknowledge and appreciate this item in their CVs.

We sure hope that this precious experience will hone wonderful and creative skills, as well as impeccable work ethics! Well done, girls!