School stories

International School’s Year 12 students who attend business lessons and their teacher hosted Branimir Mladenović, sales director at Zepter Hotels. In addition to providing basic information on hospitality management and tourism, Mr Branimir shared direct insight into the inner workings of hotels.


Useful information on hospitality management and tourism

First-hand information for International School students

Zepter Hotels is a chain managed by Zepter International. It includes six hotels that set new hotel standards based on environmental principles, in line with the company’s business philosophy and its commitment to health and all other aspects of the quality of life.

International School students made the most of the opportunity to learn from the personal experience of one of the most important people of this international company.

What did our students learn from this lecture?

The students learned that the operations manager is in charge of hotel operations that include all activities necessary in order to keep a hotel running and deliver a good guest experience. Viewed from the outside, the operations of a hotel appear pretty simple – renting rooms, providing food and beverages service… but actually, a hotel is a highly complex operation, with several departments functioning, coordinating and communicating in constant interaction.

Without any doubt, this was an engaging lecture – and not just for the students directly interested in hospitality management and tourism, but for anyone who is interested in the way business works and would like to become a successful entrepreneur upon the completion of their education.