School stories

Once again, International School students showed their kindness and generosity by helping children in need. Over the past few weeks, they collected warm clothes, hygienic supplies, and everything else they thought could help the children at the Drop-In Centre feel more loved and cared for.


International School students teaching kindness

Our students visited the Drop-In Centre with their Global Perspectives teacher, bringing lovingly prepared gifts to children who use the Centre.

Gifts for a happier new year for children at Drop-In Centre

Helping others can make a big difference in someone’s life – for the one who receives help, but also for the one who provides it. International School students succeeded in their altruistic mission and brightened the holidays for the children who use the Drop-In Centre, and made us all proud.

The Drop-In Centre is a service established in 2007, intended exclusively for children who live and work in the streets of Belgrade. It has worked with over 1000 children and young people over the last 13 years, and currently supports boys and girls aged 5 to 15 who live in extreme poverty, almost all of them in informal settlements.

Empathetic, generous students keep International School proud

Humanitarian campaigns come naturally to our students, who wear their big heart on their sleeve and genuinely feel for other people. Such deeds are a sure sign that International School is fulfilling its primary purpose as an educational institution – to encourage students to be kind, considerate people, since virtues constitute the very foundation of real education and true culture.

Accordingly, let us conclude by quoting one of the greatest philosophers of all time, Aristotle:

“Educating the heart without educating the mind is no education at all.”