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On Saturday, 20 November, International School students interested in business studies participated in an event organised by Global Study at Crowne Plaza Hotel. The event, named “Business Studies Abroad”, helped them learn about the benefits of studying abroad, placing a special emphasis on business studies and EU Business School Barcelona.

"Business Studies Abroad"

The event was also attended by guest lecturers from the realm of economy, successful entrepreneurs, who addressed the students from the employer’s point of view. Year 11 students Mia Aleksić, Tara Cvetinović, Isidora Šušović, Mina Pavlović, Doris Drenić Stojanović and Andrea Krstić were the youngest participants, but that fact definitely did not hold them back – they won the ad-making competition!

Our winners’ impressions from the workshop – more than positive

‘My schoolmates and I participated in the Global Study workshop and learned about EU Business School campuses all over the world, and the amazing things they offer. After half an hour we had a lovely break, where they served us drinks and food, which was well appreciated.

‘Later, we got to know Milica, who is an alumna of the university, and Stefan, head of HR at Silver Bell Group. This was a great way to learn about their experiences and hear their stories first-hand. Additionally, we did a business exercise, where we made an ad, stating what we had learned about EU Business School and what it offered, and had our creativity evaluated. We were divided into four groups.

One group comprised five girls from my class and I. I came up with the idea, Andrea filmed and edited the video, and Isidora, Mina, Tara and Doris wrote the script. All of us worked together and made a great team – as it turns out, a winning one.

‘This was an amazing accomplishment; we did not expect to win. Global Study presented us with some useful and educational information that we will definitely use in the future. We were also very grateful that our school gave us the opportunity to work with this educational agency,’ said Mia Aleksić, Year 11 student.

‘This workshop was an amazing opportunity to meet new people, have fun and learn something new. Thanks to this event, I have found the perfect university for myself, one which I would like to attend,’ said Tara Cvetinović, Year 11 student.

Creative and useful workshops for the future

Through interactive workshops, virtual campus tours and creative case study solving, International School students are enriched by experiences that can serve them well in their further academic planning.

International School strives to make the most of every project and workshop, and all teaching in general, when it comes to preparing the students for future academic challenges and presenting the prospects that lie ahead upon the completion of their time at International School. This was another such workshop, which brought valuable experience, new insights, and new plans regarding their choice of faculty.

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