School stories

Having decided to organise a somewhat different History and Geography lesson for Year 10 students, the teachers took them to Kalemegdan on Wednesday, 9 June. Our students love outdoor lessons, which is why they were so active and committed while learning about the importance of Kalemegdan for our country.

Unusual History and Geography lesson at Kalemegdan

The students and their teachers wanted to make the most of the fine weather and take a stroll around the largest and most beautiful park in Belgrade, which is also the most important cultural and historical landmark. The History and Geography teachers wanted to present the other side of Kalemegdan – the history, culture and beauty one can find within its walls.

Kalemegdan from a different perspective

The students learnt about Kalemegdan from a historical and geographical perspective. The History teacher talked about the most important events that took place here and the historical monuments in the park, while the Geography teacher discussed the geostrategic advantages of the fortress and the natural characteristics of the surroundings.

Following the path of history, the students learnt that Kalemegdan is not just a park with a lovely view of the river, but historically and geographically one of the most important landmarks in Belgrade.