School stories

It’s a real pleasure to see young people advance, become successful and head in the right direction both as people and future academics!

The past weekend, from Friday 11 June until Sunday 13 June, the International School welcomed delegates from Serbia and the region who participated in the first International School Model United Nations Conference (ISMUN), where they took part in simulations of state governments and peace negotiations.

Our students shine as delegates at International School Model United Nations

Developing critical thinking and diplomatic skills

By empowering students to think critically, analytically and beyond personal and local perspectives, the ISMUN Conference provided the students with an opportunity to make their voices heard and nurture international mindedness.

By implementing their communication skills, knowledge and diplomatic approach, the students strived to make the discussion on important global issues as constructive as possible.

The topics at the conference were diverse: United Nations Historical Security Council’s topic was Berlin Conference: Preventing Imperial Conflicts; United Nations Security Council Crisis discussed the conflict between Israel and Palestine, while United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime focused on the following topic: Combating Drug Trafficking as a Source of Funding Terrorist Organisations.

The idea behind ISMUN is to make young people aware of international crises and encourage them to bring positive change by participating in the resolution of global conflicts.

The delegates were so motivated to discuss important global topics that during the weekend we introduced additional crisis situations that opened new discussions on territories, borders, slavery and economics. The sessions were concluded with resolutions signed by all delegates. This elicited a five-minute round of applause, closing the ISMUN conference until next year.

With their knowledge, beliefs, excellent diplomatic skills and dedication to making change, our students Maša Mitić and Uroš Jež set high standards when it comes to future delegates.

In addition to gaining experience, the students also made new friends at ISMUN

Participation at the ISMUN conference was an important experience for our students, not just because they gained new skills, but also because they made new friends from the region and created significant contacts for the future.

We’re sure that these young, smart and humane young people, united around the same goal and driven by the same vision, will make this world a better place!