School stories

Monday, 14 June, was a special day at the International School, as we said goodbye to the graduates of Class 2021.
Given that graduation is one of the most important events for students, the International School made sure they had the best day ever!

The Class of 2021 marks the end of their education at the International School

Lessons and memories for life

At the Metropol Palace, together with the parents, teachers, the Principal and school coordinators, the graduates celebrated their academic achievement and the end of a life stage they will cherish forever.

Each and every one of them describes their experiences and memories from the International School as unforgettable, and the knowledge and skills gained as useful and applicable. Moreover, the lessons they’ve learnt at school, both curricular and life lessons about themselves and the world around them, are real treasure troves of value.

Graduate Nataša Pucar highlights what she will remember from the International School: “We enjoyed our time at the International School because we found true friends for life; we learnt, spent time together, travelled and enjoyed many celebrations. This is what makes the International School a truly special place”. Her friend Staša Milenković adds: “It’s all about learning and meeting new people. At the International School, you will learn, have fun, make amazing friends, and create wonderful memories.”

Graduate Mihajlo Jovanović also highlighted his positive experience at the International School: “The people here are going to help you as best as they can because they do care about you genuinely. They’re really going to do everything and anything they can to help you achieve your goals.”

Fantastic success of all students and prizes for the best

The teachers strived to get the best out of each student and they’re proud of their accomplishment – this class really excelled when it comes to academic performance.

This is why this year, the school handed out two certificates, as well as the Student of the Class award.

Elena Ćuća was commended for her incredible results in international competitions and Cambridge exams;
Staša Milenković was commended for setting new standards in academic excellence, while the Student of the Class award went to Maša Mitić.

Maša achieved excellent academic results, did charity work, and was the best peer tutor to her younger schoolmates, and she has advice for anyone who plans to enrol at the International School: “I would recommend the International School to anyone who wants to study both here and abroad, primarily because it gives you the chance to study what you like, and you will also have full support from the teachers.”


The Principal of the International School, Zorana Živanović, has nothing but praise for her first class of graduates – the Class of 2021: “Although I’ve only been with them for a year, I’ve met so many wonderful athletes, artists, future engineers and biochemists. You wouldn’t believe the amount of talent in one place.” She adds that it was really difficult to select the best students, as they all had excellent academic and non-academic results.

Various sciences are waiting for these smart young people to showcase their knowledge, skills and talent, and the International School will always be there to support them in their development and academic advancement.

Dear graduates, we congratulate you on what you have achieved and become; we’re truly proud of you!