School stories

Although it was difficult this year to choose the best student among the whole class of dedicated students with high academic achievements, it was decided that only one of them fulfills the academic and socio-emotional foundations to carry this title – Maša Mitić.

Presenting International School’s Student of the Class of 2021

In addition to knowledge and skills, Maša developed noble human traits

The International School’s Student of the Class did not only obtain great academic results, but has excelled in humanitarian work and the organisation of many school academic and extracurricular activities. Being a peer tutor, Maša inspired younger schoolmates to achieve their full potential and has shown exceptional empathy and social responsibility by selflessly helping others.

What does Maša think about her time at the International School?

“I strongly believe that time spent in the International School was valuable. I have made friends, and became the best student in the class I was the only one attending (geography). Also, I really hope I have been there for anyone who needed advice or help.

Despite believing that thanks are to be shown, not said, I am indeed happy for having such parents, thanks to whom I was abolished from doing household chores, during and following the exam periods. This allowed me to be fully committed to my school obligations and organise my routine.

I would like to express great thanks to an overly understanding class teacher, Ms Ljubica Krstć, the very approachable principal, Ms Zorana Živanović, a bit quiet but neat cleaners, the humorous and caring school guard, and of course, my geography teacher, Mr Vladimir Milošević.

Until our paths cross again, stay kind.”

Dearest Maša, it was an honour. Many challenges are coming, but we know you can handle them all! We wish you the best luck!