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International School and golf star, Lara Todorović donated last week over a thousand plastic bottle caps as a contribution to the school’s “Čep za hendikep” charity collection.
The “Čep za hendikep” association collects caps from plastic bottles, which they then sell to companies that deal with the recycling of hard plastics. For the money they receive, they buy orthopaedic aids for people with disabilities.

She encourages humanitarian initiatives in her local community

She encourages humanitarian initiatives in her local community

Lara shows kindness, empathy and social awareness not just by taking part in charity events, but also by striving to raise awareness in the local community.
She reached out to her family, friends, golf club teammates and neighbours and inspired them to help her collect the incredible amount of caps.

Altruistic activist, successful golfer and straight-A student

Successful both at school and in a golf course and active in helping others, Lara proves that we can achieve anything if we have good time management skills, clear goals, and a good attitude towards charity and giving. This is why we invite all students to follow Lara’s example and strive towards success and altruism, as she truly is a person to look up to.