School stories

Let’s stop for a moment to congratulate our incredible golfers – they’ve won many medals in July and it’s only the beginning of the month!
International School students shine in the classroom and on golf courses, and the best proof of this are the medals and trophies they hold so proudly! Let’s see how our students placed. With each new tournament, they make us even prouder of their results and desire to be successful in everything they do.


International School golfers

The best results were achieved by Lara Todorović, Year 12 student, and Vukašin Suturović, Year 10 student, who won first places in the National and International Junior Championship of Serbia in their respective categories – Lara under 21 and Vukašin under 16.

Excellent results by International School students

In the International Junior Championship, Year 10 student Mia Aleksić won third place in the U16 category. In addition, Mia won second place in the National Junior Championship in the same category, while in the U21 category, Year 12 student Nikola Bojanić won third place.

Great achievements by International School students! Your school wishes you many more medals and will be rooting for you along the way!