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Switzerland is one of the best places to attend higher education institutions, which is one of the reasons why LINK Edu Alliance with International School being a part of it, has decided to get to know its education system more thoroughly so it can better prepare its students for further studies in this country.

On that occasion, the principal of International School Zorana Živanović, visited the Business and Hospitality Management School in Lucerne (Switzerland) in July this year, with the support of the partner agency Via Academica. Zorana found out from her colleagues from Switzerland what their universities value the most during the enrolment, what conditions have to be met by our students and what benefits the education at recognized Swiss universities brings.

Holistic education in Switzerland 

The universities in Switzerland value a holistic approach to education, a comprehensive and well-organised education system. 

Although their curriculum may vary from region to region, the focus on the student and his skills is a thing in education they all have in common in any part of Switzerland. Therefore, two-thirds of students enrol on the dual education programme in vocational schools, which gives them the opportunity to acquire practical skills. At the end of every school year, students take final tests, based upon the educational work is thoroughly analysed and improved in future generations. In higher education, problem-solving skills, critical thinking and life skills are highly valued and therefore, after graduating, our students are fully prepared for leadership in the global labour market.

What is especially valued by Swiss universities?

In addition to very important academic achievements and a high average, universities in Switzerland pay great attention to the transversal competencies of students.

In line with the LINK Educational Alliance educational vision, these 21st century skills are already widely monitored and valued at International School throughout the school year. Due to this approach, our students can boast of very advanced digital skills, problem-solving skills, and good communication and leadership skills. Praise for their work also comes directly from the Business and Hospitality School in Lucerne.

Zorana Živanović“When the regional representative of the Business and Hospitality School spoke highly of our students and shared belief that we are on the right track to the high-quality higher education around the world, I really was not surprised,” says Zorana and explains “Creating a supportive environment, providing the state-of-the-art education and opportunities for the growth and advancement of our students will continue to be indicators whereby the quality of our schools will continue to be recognized in the world.”

International School students are initially in a better position to enrol at Swiss colleges

In addition to the rich transversal competencies that our students possess, the comprehensiveness of the programmes is another plus that provides International School students with excellent admission to colleges in Switzerland.

For example, due to the verification of the International Baccalaureate Organisation and Cambridge Assessment International Education, our students attend some of the two most prestigious international programmes – IB Diploma and Cambridge programmes, with a holistic curriculum, which guarantees their admission to universities in Switzerland.

Improving the curriculum for even better results

On behalf of International School, Zorana, in a conversation with the coordinators for enrollment and internship in Switzerland, found out what the specific conditions for students who plan to enrol in this country are. 

“The Swiss programme is more focused on the labour market, which means that practical skills are more valued,” Zorana points out, emphasising that this is exactly what Swiss universities require from students that come from other countries. “This is one of the reasons why at International School we constantly emphasise the importance of internship and extracurricular activities in the development of students. Besides striving for the best possible academic success, we will encourage our students to be more actively involved in the numerous internships we organise for them because, in that way, they open a more promising future for themselves.”

International School continues to constantly improve its curriculum and follow the world trends that bring students a better ranking in the educational circles around the world.