School stories

We can all agree that the sun shines brighter beyond the classroom walls, right? When you combine fine weather with the end of the school year, sitting indoors can be a bit exhausting. On Thursday, 10 June, History, Biology and Geography teachers decided to get the Year 10 students out into the fresh air and give teaching outside a whirl.

Avala – one of our students’ favourite places to learn and have fun

Truly different and interesting lessons outdoors

The students along with their teachers spent a school day at Avala and enjoyed Avala’s natural, cultural and historical features that have been protected since 1859. Equipped with water, snacks and sunscreen lotions, the students found out why Avala is a favourite destination for all nature lovers.

If we put aside the perks of learning outside and the fun they all had, this mini trip to Avala was a powerful way for the students to create social and emotional bonds after a long period of online learning.