School stories

Students of International School finished the school year with exceptional successes, valuable certificates and skills that will accompany them throughout their lives.

Beginning of the year distinguished by sports success

The very beginning of the school year was marked by the sports success of Mia Aleksić, Year 11 student, and Sofija Sremčević, senior student of International School. Our golden girls, Anja Kaljević, Mia Kaljević and Tea Ćulibrk, have already taught us that we do not have to wait long, because they already won an astonishing 17 medals by October.

Just when we thought that our students could not exceed our expectations any further, success followed at the very end of the school year, when the Kaljević sisters left us speechless with 25 medals,18 of which were gold! It is now clear why they are our golden girls! Whether it’s a golf course, a football stadium or a swimming pool – International School students show off their skills and win prizes both on the grass and in water!

Lara Todorović accepted to prestigious American university Seton Hall

In November, our Lara Todorović became a real “pirate” – yes, you heard right – thanks to her exceptional academic and sports results, Lara was accepted to the prestigious Seton Hall University in America, thus becoming a real pirate, in line with the nickname traditionally given to the students of this university.

Student valedictorian of 2022 – Iva Živaljević

Iva Živaljević, a student who won the title of the student valedictorian of the Class 2022, further cemented her skills in rhetorics, history and diplomacy by participating in the MUN session, organized by the Prva Bošnjačka gimnazija, and won the award for the best delegate among 102 participants!

Numerous awards in natural sciences

The end of the first semester was certainly marked by natural sciences, because, in addition to the humanitarian Science Fair, International School students won 29 awards at the global StemCo competition in biology, chemistry, physics and mathematics, thus showing that problem solving skills and critical thinking are truly the skills of the future.

Year 10 student, Petar Jovanovski, qualified among 30% of students in the world and achieved incredible results in both biology and chemistry. In the spring edition of the competition, our students Lazar Virijević and Elena Vezenkoska joined Petar’s celebration, because they won the Silver Award in mathematics and chemistry!

High level of digital literacy among students

In addition to sports success and academic achievements in natural sciences, we must not forget that International School provides its students with life skills necessary for the future. Our students have proved this yet again, by qualifying among the top 20 participants in the European Money Quiz competition organized by the Association of Serbian Banks, thus proving their command of financial literacy.

Promising young businessmen among Wolves of Wall Street

Possessing money management skills is not just a useful life skill, but also an opportunity for a successful career in the field of finance. Students Luka Parmak, Sara Janković, Aleksandra Ognjenović, Lola Gaković, Damjan Vezenkoski and Vuk Banduka, proved that they can hold their own against world brokers, participating in a global stock market competition thanks to the SIFMA Foundation, and showed exceptional knowledge of business and economics.

Damjan Vezenkoski and Vuk Banduka, Year 10 students, went a step further and qualified for the final round, where they drew universal praise for their essays. There is more – the Wolves of Wall Street competition organized by Harvard University and the Learning with Leaders organization could not go unnoticed, because Damjan Vezenkoski qualified among the top 15 students from around the world.

We are proud of our students’ success, because it proves why International School is truly different!