School stories

The LINK Educational Alliance e-sport club held a three-game LAN competition – FIFA, CS:GO and League of Legends.

An excellent performance of our e-athletes

LINK eSports gathered its students in the gaming centre Net Cafe Escape and formed teams for a two-day LAN competition. The organiser announced the plans that such a tournament will be held one more time in the course of this summer.

Students of International School faced off with serious competition – students of Information Technology School (ITS), Faculty of Contemporary Arts in Belgrade, and students of Savremena gimnazija – achieving outstanding results.

Regarding the format, CS:GO and League of Legends teams played BO3 semifinals, while their final matches were BO5. As FIFA sessions are generally much shorter when compared to CS:GO and LoL, first there was a group phase and then BO3 semifinals and BO5 finals.

Students of International School, as well as other students of the LINK edu Alliance thus proved their exceptional sportsmanship

The first phase of the LINK eSports project was scouting, while the second consisted of tournaments in which student teams took part. The teams were made of students coming from 5 different faculties and secondary schools. Initially, the teams played each other while at the later stage, each team played two opponents simultaneously.

LINK eSports as a part of the LINK Educational Alliance was created with the goal of making e-sport competitions popular. Given the worldwide popularity of e-sport, when selecting the games for the competition, we opted for those most widespread, thus making the final competition results truly valuable. As agreed with Net Cafe Escape centre, the tournaments lasted for two days.