School stories

We are bringing you the latest news regarding the project “Parents Teach This Week“. This time, Sena Kapetanović Zelenović, Tara’s mother and a successful businesswoman, visited our school. Our guest owns the company “Kapewood” which produces elegant hangers for high-end fashion brands. All their products are made of natural materials according to the most modern standards.

Students learned about the connections between the real world and their Business classes

After introducing students to the very beginning of her business, Tara’s mom held a workshop for the students that attend the Lower Secondary programme. Even though each student received an already-designed hanger, they all had to create their own hangers and thus show their creativity.

The workshop was useful, interactive and pleasant due to Ms Sena’s lecture, her calmness and her positive energy. This lecture helped International School students see the connections between the real world and what they are learning in their Business classes.